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Lock on the Stratosphere
Sky's the limit. Go beyond it.
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[PoT] - Yagyuu Hiroshi
NOTE: You might notice the "h.a." there. That is a warning for rather dark pieces of work I make for the blog. Be warned. He who knows its meaning gets cookies. XD

Title: Red Roses in Broken Porcelain
Theme: Battle of the Sexes: Survival of the Fittest?
Word Count: 197
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Themes of domestic violence, suggestive themes
Explanation: While it is true that men and women need one another in order to survive, gender discrimination, or sexism, still exists. This rather dark poem are the thoughts of a woman after being harassed by her husband due to extreme depression because of an accident that made him bankrupt.

Bliss. Sorrow. Hatred.Collapse )
9th-Jun-2008 08:21 am - Sampaguita 2011 Links. <3
[PoT] - Yagyuu Hiroshi
For... um, reference? XD

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Any violent reactions? Questions? Suggestions? Please comment here. :)
6th-Jun-2018 11:57 am - Welcome!! 8D
[PoT] - Yagyuu Hiroshi
Uh, yes. ^.^ Welcome to Lock on the Stratosphere, or LoS for short. 8D This community is created as a requirement for English 2, thanks to our teacher, Sir Alfred Guiang. This is created for creative writing purposes, in which we have to create a piece of literature once every week. More of the mechanics and everything else could be found at the profile. :)

Anyway! So what is this post for? Basically to say hi. XD If you are also from 2-Sampaguita, or any other section required to do this, please comment here with your LJ account so I could add it to a list later on. XD Also, you may ask questions here. :)

Anyone can comment on the entries, but I would love it if you people would limit it to commenting the work. For any other stuff, please comment somewhere on my personal blog, ryua.

I'll end it there. Enjoy your stay? XD

- Sierra Betan Ryuacchi
[PoT] - Yagyuu Hiroshi
Title: We are Speeching American
Theme: English proficiency in the Philippines
Word Count: 300
Genre: Very bad Humor
Explanation: While the Philippines is known for its bilingual ability to speak Filipino and English better than most countries, this reputation is, in fact, diminishing. Most of those who can't read or write English properly belong to the masses, most likely because of media influence, or lack of education. If this continues, our pride for our mastery in English might crumble.
Notes: [Edited at June 08] This is the second draft. Thanks to tanteicchi for the help. <3

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