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Lock on the Stratosphere

Sky's the limit. Go beyond it.

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300 words, 1 theme, 1 week
Free your mind.

Welcome to Lock on the Stratosphere, Ryuacchi's creative writing comm. LoS was created as a requirement for English 2, which is taught by Sir Alfred Guiang. Every week, we are required to create a piece of literature, poetry or prose, with a theme given to us. It must be between 150 to 300 words. It is graded by the use of the English language, and special awards are given to "catchy" pieces.

Why "Lock on the Stratosphere"? There are two explanations:

Long version: Think of the Earth as reality, the place we live in. Think of the universe as a venue for fantasy, as endless as imagination. What separates these two is the sky, or the atmosphere, a boundary created to keep the two at bay. However, sometimes we also go to this fantasy place, in the form of stories. Stories are those who pierce through the sky, and have us make limitless possibilities. Stories are those who cut through the Stratosphere.

Short version: Because I am very unoriginal. XD The guy you shall see in the userpic is Lockon Stratos, the person responsible for the name of this blog.
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"The best way to prepare for life is to begin to live."
-- Elbert Hubbard
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