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Sampaguita 2011 Links. <3 
9th-Jun-2008 08:21 am
[PoT] - Yagyuu Hiroshi
For... um, reference? XD

Pisay-related Groups
1. 2011 Biology Group
2. Sampaguita 2011 Geometry Group
3. Sir Perez's Website
4. Sampaguita HW Checklist

Sampaguita Personal Blogs
1. Francis Andaya
5. Lord John Flores
7. Niboe Herrera
9. Ryan Lintao
12. Luigi Nacion
13. Paolo Narvas
21. Shela Aglodon
23. Sierra Betan
24. Hannah Domingo
26. Vannah Lee
27. Desi Mina
29. Chen San Diego
30. Nikki Sanchez
31. Sir Alfer Guiang

Sampaguita Creative Writing Blogs
1. Francis Andaya
4. Gabriel Dizon
23. Sierra Betan

Any violent reactions? Questions? Suggestions? Please comment here. :)
13th-Jun-2008 08:40 am (UTC) - the crazy person I am
Your blog's pretty. Wait, any violent reactions, you said... that's not a violent reaction, is it? All right then... may I punch you? And kick you? And torture Kurama? XP
13th-Jun-2008 02:12 pm (UTC) - Re: the crazy person I am
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