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[Theme #02, h.a.] Red Roses in Broken Porcelain 
24th-Jun-2008 02:10 pm
[PoT] - Yagyuu Hiroshi
NOTE: You might notice the "h.a." there. That is a warning for rather dark pieces of work I make for the blog. Be warned. He who knows its meaning gets cookies. XD

Title: Red Roses in Broken Porcelain
Theme: Battle of the Sexes: Survival of the Fittest?
Word Count: 197
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Themes of domestic violence, suggestive themes
Explanation: While it is true that men and women need one another in order to survive, gender discrimination, or sexism, still exists. This rather dark poem are the thoughts of a woman after being harassed by her husband due to extreme depression because of an accident that made him bankrupt.

Red Roses in Broken Porcelain

I Bliss.

Our vows tied in divine matrimony
Treat the other as equal, bonds remain one
Neither are an island, and must rely on one another.
And yet years later, it all fades away

On a midnight planned to perform miracles
You actions turned all upside down
Moans turned to screams, joy turned to fear
As I saw disgust, our moments disappeared

II Sorrow.

I crawled on the floor, asked him why
“Because women are weak,” you replied
Just like the one in work, useless and fragile
Died in construction, ruined all dreams.

All was left when you disappeared
Naught but red roses in broken porcelain
A morbid art, a restricted desire
Left nothing of the past, only lone echoes

III Hatred.

Woman brings life, Man continues it
Supposed to be our duty, now broken by depression
Pieces of the puzzle, both meant to be together
But how shall it be complete, now one hates another?

Revenge now planned, pride shall be restored
You dare look down, I shall tilt it up.
Prove thou wrong, give reason to your head
I might be weak, but you still remain a fool.

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